Thursday, July 24, 2008


People give themselves way too much credit. And I really don't care if this post ends a friendship. So....I'm on someone's myspace page today (you already know this is stupid if I'm beggining the post talking about myspace) when I see a girl who I thought I knew from somewhere. I guess I didn't know her being that she did not accept my request. LMAO Why didn't she? Who knows, who cares that's neither here nor there but I recieved an instant message from someone that read "Did you request someone on my page today?" I said "Yes" explained that I thought I knew her, though there was really no reason to explain myself, I do what the fuck I want, and he goes on about how he doesn't like when people request people from his page yadda yadda yadda I stopped reading after "Did you request someone from my page" to be honest. I deny AT LEAST 20 friend requests a day, and I very RARELY send requests but if I think I know someone then I'm not reluctant to request and say hello. I say that to say this; people give themselves WAY too much credit. The day you hit someone up discussing friend requests that you recieved on myspace should let you know YOU HAVE NO LIFE.


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.asha said...

Ahahaha..a fuckin shame.