Sunday, July 27, 2008


Before my day even began I felt trapped. I've been unhappy with my surroundings for some time now. People like me; they like the way I am, they like my personality, but what it all boils down to is the way I look and the way I dress. People are fascinated to know B.Fly, but they never seem to care about the person I am inside, they're more concerned with the exterior. This really pains me, because I'm an open person and I like to share my world with others. There's so much more to me than what I wear, what magazine I write far, who I know, etc. but I realize that my peers don't care who I am, all they care about is how good I make their pictures look when I'm standing next to them. I know that I should not expect people who aren't true to themselves to be true to me, but tonight I reached my ending point with all the fakeness . It saddens me because every time I end up meeting who I think will be a great friend, I always end up with EGG ON MY FACE! And the worst part is I walk away from them, and they beg me to come back. I'm so tired of it. And people wonder why I don't go out to social events anymore unless it's for work. I physically cannot play the role of someone's friend when I'm not. One thing you should know about me is that I keep it all the way REAL, if I don't like you, I will be cordial but you're going to know I don't like you. A lot of times I become passionate about the problems of others who I consider my friends, that's how real I am. I'm humanistic to a fault. I put out all of this positive energy into the universe, especially when it comes to friendships, and in the end it's never recipricol, which is why I turn down party invites and remain reclusive. I can no longer continue to be friends with people who stand for nothing and lie,cheat,and steal; LIE- People lie. They smile in your face, then stab you in the back. (Brutus') CHEAT- People cheat themselves and others by maintaining this vicious cycle of fakeness. STEAL- People steal your trust, manipulate you to believe they're "different", and compromise your spirit. I realize that everyone is not going to like me, and everyone will not be nice to me, so in order to maintain my balance in life I'm cutting of 99.9% of my social network. If I no longer speak to you, and you feel like you're owed a reason why, now you know. There are a total of 6 people in this world that I trust, and to those 6 of you, (you know who you are) I would just like to thank you for being my balance and reason for sanity in an insane world.



do wrong man said...

I feel like this all the time , how do you not become a shut in ?.

I think you one deep chick even though I am fascinated by your style ,its because girls in canada dress so 2007.

I deal with snakes all the time ,only way to deal with a snake is too chop its head off .

or avoid contact

you a cool girl and if anyone cant see it , there bad .

fuck the fakers fans of the lakers ,mother fuck the fuckers and fake ass suckers .

keep on truckin !

Just Cam said...

"back then they didnt know you now you hot and they all on you." That was your shit! Its lifes story. People are just that. People. Prone to be hyprocites, and critics when we fail to critique ourselves. Fuck em up against the wall! Shit we even have our days but when someone jumped crazy I always had your back. Still do.